2023 National Intern Day

On National Intern Day, Auld & White Constructors (AWC) would like to recognize its amazing team of summer interns. Internships in the construction industry serve as a pivotal bridge between academic learning and real-world, hands-on execution. Entry-level internships offer aspiring construction professionals a unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience, develop essential skills, and explore various sectors within the construction industry. For companies like AWC, internships serve as incubators for nurturing talent, offering valuable experiences that help individuals gauge their aptitude and passion for construction careers.

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Many of AWC’s interns have returned and entered our Manager-In-Training (MIT) or Superintendent-In-Training (SIT) programs. Their internships served as a way to explore their interests and complement their academic studies. If you are interested in an internship or know someone who is an ideal candidate, >>complete an application by clicking here<<.

The Benefits of an AWC Internship
AWC interns actively participate with Project Managers and Project Superintendents. They will gain knowledge and practical skills from experienced Construction Professionals that go beyond theoretical studies. Supportive supervisors foster an atmosphere where interns feel comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance. Constructive feedback is essential for an intern’s growth. Supervisors provide feedback regularly, helping interns improve their skills. The relationship reciprocally benefits AWC Company Culture and helps us stay informed on how to continue being one of Jacksonville Business Journal’s Best Places to Work.

Interns experience the intricacies of construction projects, understand how concepts translate into successfully completed projects, and gain exposure to the challenges construction professionals face. Navigating real-world construction challenges hone interns’ problem-solving skills, fostering adaptability and resourcefulness, aligning with AWC’s Core Values.

AWC internships also provide opportunities to interact with industry experts and establish connections that can lead to mentorships or future job opportunities.

If you are interested in an internship or know someone who is an ideal candidate, >>complete an application by clicking here<<.