We Applaud the Green School in Jacksonville Beach

Auld & White Constructors is an advocate for green schools in the Jacksonville community. As a local sustainable builder, we encourage green building, and as parents we applaud all efforts made to bring a healthier and safer environment to our children to learn and develop in. This is why we are excited about Discovery Montessori School in Jacksonville Beach. It is the latest school to attempt LEED certification. The Walchle Multipurpose Building is currently submitted for LEED for Schools Silver Certification. To celebrate yet another green milestone in Jacksonville, a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be held on September 25, 2009 from 6-8 pm – of course, Auld & White will be there to show support!

For more information, please contact Kim Bednarek, Co-Head of School for Discovery Montessori at 904.247.4577.