Florida Theatre – Mechanical System Upgrades

Auld & White Constructors was retained by Florida Theatre to complete mechanical system upgrades. The highly demanding project required managing a very aggressive schedule and shutting down all shows for several weeks. With the switch gear delayed because of COVID procurement issues, AWC employed alternative strategies to sequence the project and meet milestone dates. Critical tasks included installing two new chillers and an air handler on the roof, creating a vertical mechanical chase, and implementing electrical enhancements, including new switch gear and feeder circuit/panel replacements. Additional work included constructing sixth-floor offices, renovating multiple restrooms, and miscellaneous tasks such as ceiling and wallwork. Despite an eight-week delay in gear delivery, AWC proactively problem-solved, persistently followed up with vendors, and effectively prioritized the schedule to ensure the project was completed on time and the new HVAC equipment was successfully energized, as originally scheduled.

Client icon
Client Florida Theatre
Architect icon
Architect Landrum & Brown (KBJ Architects)
Role icon
Role Construction Manager
Project Size icon
Project Size 1900 Seat Theatre, 7-Stories
Location icon
Location Jacksonville, Florida
Date Completed icon
Date Completed October 2023
Market icon
Market Historic