AWC-Constructed Animal Shelter Receives LEED Gold Certification: First For The City of Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Fla., October 27, 2009—The City of Jacksonville’s new Animal Care & Protective Services facility has become the City’s first building to achieve LEED Gold certification. Auld & White and design partner Ebert Norman Brady Architects completed work on the new facility in June, bringing it in on time and on budget in spite of rising material and labor costs. The facility officially opened Aug. 8, 2009.

About the Project

The new Animal Care & Protective Services facility replaces the city’s existing shelter, which had long been deemed inadequate and outmoded by city officials and animal advocates.  Although it was initiated in 2001, during the tenure of Mayor John Delaney, site and cost-related issues delayed progress on the project. It was eventually resurrected in 2006 and awarded to Auld & White and Ebert Norman Brady Architects on a design-build basis.