Drywall Framers & Hangers

Are you experienced with drywall framing & hanging? Auld & White is seeking drywall framers & hangers with 2+ years experience!

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Desired skills and experience

Auld & White Constructors, LLC, an established and reputable construction firm in Jacksonville, Florida, is seeking skilled Drywall Framers & Hangers with a minimum of two years’ drywall experience in commercial construction.

Life at Auld & White Constructors includes great earning potential, minimal travel, a knowledgeable and supportive team of experts, competitive benefits, training, opportunities for career advancement, low turnover, a close-knit team and FUN!!

Come join our team!

Reports to: Division Leader – Drywall

Job Responsibilities:

  • Must have experience in one or more of the following skill sets: interior / exterior metal stud framing, installation of sound and fire caulk, drywall hanging, exterior sheathing, installation of batt insulation, hollow metal frames or acoustical ceiling tile and grid installation
  • Proficient with all mechanical tools used to install light gauge metal studs, track, shaft wall systems and hang wallboard and/or install acoustical tile ceiling systems
  • Layout reference lines and points, compute position of framing and furring channels, and mark positions
  • Measure and mark cutting lines on framing, drywall and trim
  • Installation of grid system for ceiling gypsum panels
  • Installation of horizontal and vertical studs for interior walls for the attachment of gypsum panel products
  • Trim rough edges from wallboard to maintain even joints
  • Fit and fasten gypsum panels into the specified position
  • Installation of batt insulation between studs
  • Assembly and installation of metal framing and decorative trim for windows and doorways
  • Perform daily clean-up of work areas
  • Ability to work with, around or near other trades


  • Two years’ drywall experience in commercial construction
  • Must have own hand tools: cordless screw gun / corded screw gun, router, 12-gauge cords, T-square, tape measure and drywall knives
  • Ability to communicate using basic English, written and verbal

Working Conditions:

  • While typically assigned to one project at a time, a Drywall Framer/Hanger may be required to travel to several different job sites during the day / week. The work may be both inside and outside of buildings. Drywall installation work is sometimes strenuous. Prolonged standing, climbing and working from rolling scaffolding are often necessary. Exposure to risk is high due to working with rough or sharp materials and using sharp tools and power equipment. Slip and fall hazards also are common.
  • Repetitive movement – sitting, standing, squatting, crouching, bending, twisting, working in cramped spaces and getting into awkward positions.
  • Required to work at varying heights
  • Ability to work on feet and carry objects weighing in excess of 100 lbs.

Great potential for advancement to field supervisory position, dependent upon completion of training and demonstration of individual’s qualifications and ability.