Drywall Finishers

Are you an experienced drywall finisher? Auld & White is seeking drywall finishers with 3+ years experience!

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Desired skills and experience

Auld & White Constructors, LLC, an established and reputable construction firm in Jacksonville, Florida, is seeking Drywall Finishers with a minimum of three years’ drywall experience in commercial construction.

Life at Auld & White Constructors includes great earning potential, minimal travel, a knowledgeable and supportive team of experts, competitive benefits, training, opportunities for career advancement, low turnover, a close-knit team and FUN!!

Come join our team!

Job Responsibilities

  • Understand and demonstrate the five levels of finishing.
  • Our search for experience is specific to “production finishing” utilizing bazookas, banjos, flat and angle boxes, corner rollers and power sanders.
  • Inspect drywall surfaces for imperfections (screw heads, misaligned joints, bad hanging, etc.)
  • Understand the right joint compound (quick-set, lightweight, or standard) to be used at appropriate situations
  • Eliminate visible joints, knows how to eliminate air bubbles, tapes are not blistered, switch and receptacle boxes are finished tight
  • Install cornerbead, trim beads, reveal beads straight, plumb correctly utilizing string lines, laser, square or straight edge
  • Coordination with subcontractors regarding project expectations
  • Competent to instruct and inspect a quality-produced wall or ceiling
  • Skill required to patch / repair existing drywall into like-new appearance
  • Oversee less experienced installers / laborers
  • Ability to work independently on jobsites


  • Three years’ drywall experience and skill with production finishing
  • Must have own tools: finishing knives, mud pan, mixer, sanding pole, snips, utility knife, tape measure, tape holder and 12- gauge power cords in good working condition.

Great potential for career advancement, dependent upon completion of training and demonstration of individual’s qualifications and ability.