Safety Culture Begins with Me

Safety is of utmost importance to Auld & White Constructors (AWC), especially as we self-perform multiple trades using our own labor forces. Our safety slogan, “Safety Culture Begins with Me” empowers ALL employees to speak up and act if our safety protocols are not being followed.

Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) has consistently been well below the industry average of 1.00 for more than 20 years. We are particularly proud of this rating as our craftsmen work tens of thousands of hours each year – not typical for a General Contractor or Construction Manager in today’s industry. We conduct year-round training for our superintendents and field craftsmen, provide safety incentives for our employees, conduct monthly safety inspections with an independent 3rd party consultant, hold safety pre-installation meetings and constantly evaluate our safety protocols and equipment.

Our goal is not to be reactive, but rather, proactive.  Our Safety Committee, comprised of AWC’s leadership, project managers, superintendents, carpenters and apprentices, meets monthly to ensure safety is viewed from multiple angles.  The Safety Committee regularly implements new processes, procedures, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as needed. We continually strive to determine what we can do better to protect our employees and our subcontractors.