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Project Manager

Job Description Summary

The Project Manager (PM) will work in the office and visit job sites of Auld & White. The PM is responsible for project management activities associated with the construction phase of work. The PM will be actively working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Reporting Structure

The PM reports to the Operations Manager, Vice President and President. The Superintendent reports directly to the PM.

Educational Requirements

The PM should possess a four-year degree in the Construction Management, Civil Engineering or related field.


The PM must possess experience of technical competence in the construction industry, and be familiar with the work of all construction trades and phases.

Essential Job Functions – Partial List

Handle client and architect engineer relations including correspondence, reports, change orders, personal contacts, requests and complaints.

Prepare and secure owner acceptance of all change orders. Issue modification to purchase orders and subcontracts.

Identify, encourage, and develop personnel within the projects assigned. Recognize employees having growth potential and the ability to achieve greater management responsibility.

Review detailed estimates, prepare cost codes, progress schedules and purchase controls. Prepare inquiries, receive bids and award purchase orders and subcontracts for major items of work.

Plan and schedule project, including preparation and updating of detailed schedules, conduct pre-construction and progress meetings, and plan major construction operations and sequences.

Handle shop drawing control, including obtaining and expediting shop drawings from vendors and subcontractors for review and approval. Identify and obtain A/E assistance in assuring “intertrade” dimensional coordination.

Create cost control through regular labor and summary cost reports. Provide input and review cost data prior to publication of periodic reports including monthly summary cost reports. Modify budgets through the job cost systems to regularly update cost codes.

Work with estimating and the marketing team, prepare presentations and proposals to prospective clients including preparation of conceptual estimates and other documents.