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Carpenter Helper

Job Description Summary

The Carpenter Helper will work on the job sites of Auld & White. The Carpenter Helper will assist Field Craftsmen in all aspects of carpentry trade including construction, erection, installation and repair of structures and fixtures composed of concrete, wood, plywood and wallboard using carpenter’s hand and power tools as directed by a Field Craftsman, Lead Carpenter, or Project Superintendent.

Reporting Structure

The Carpenter Helper reports directly to the Superintendent.


The Carpenter Helper should possess experience in the trade of carpentry.

Essential Job Functions

Dependable to be at work and on time. Reliable transportation.

Carry out given instructions from field craftsmen. Take initiative, and demonstrate a sense of urgency.

Follow written instructions and translate to hands-on applications.

Assist Field Craftsmen in construction and erecting forms and chutes for concrete pours.

Use hand tools to dig, and shape ground in preparation for placemen of concrete.

Tie reinforcing steel in preparation for placement of concrete as directed by Field Craftsmen.

Demolish foundations, concrete slabs, partitions, floor covering, ceiling, etc., using hand and power tools as directed and grade footings and slab.

Erect scaffolding and ladders for assembling structures above ground level.

Place and finish concrete on occasion.

Know basic measuring tools used by Field Craftsmen and identify various widths and lengths of lumber.

Read a ruler to the nearest one-sixteenth of an inch. Be familiar with basic addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of whole numbers. Be able to measure with fractions.

Verify trueness of structure with plumb bob and carpenter’s level.

Ensure workplace safety. Observe worksite safety procedures. Utilize tools and equipment in accordance with operating and instructions/manual. Report safety hazards or potential hazards to supervisor.