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Plans for all projects currently bidding can be viewed at the Offices of Auld & White Constructors located at 4168 Southpoint Parkway, Suite #101, Jacksonville, FL 32216.

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140 South Hampton Club Way
St. Johns County, FL

Bid Date: Tuesday, April 22 - 2:00 PM

Project is for new amenity center building at South Hampton. Existing building will be demolished with new 7,000 SF Facility in its place. Pool will be resurfaced with all new hardscape pavers and decking.

Bid documents have been revised from previously issued set to incorporate necessary revisions due to budget issues, along with final material and product selections. All pricing is required to be submitted on the provided bid form.

Certain scopes have been altered to better fit within the budget (stucco on retaining walls in lieu of brick, Type “S” site lite poles are existing to be relocated, etc…), along with a list of Alternates that has been generated to ensure the overall project fits within its budget constraints.  Any additional Value Management ideas are highly encouraged.

Attached you will the required bid form that we’re asking you to complete & submit with your proposal, along with an overlay of the new building over the existing to visually demonstrate the intentions with Alternate #1 & #2. 

Our expected mobilization & start of demo will be middle-end of May. 

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You can also pick up plans at our office (CD format).

BKHS Media Center, Art Gallery and Lobby Renovations

Bid Date: Monday, April 28 - 2:00 PM

Interior Renovation of existing media center, art gallery class room and lobby. Budget $600,000. Work to start May 20 and finish August 1.

There will be a Subcontractor pre-bid site walk-thru on Wednesday, April 17 from 11 a.m. to noon at Bishop Kenny. Meet at main office. This will be the only time subcontractors will be able to inspect the site.

Public Documents

Private Documents

You can also pick up plans at our office (CD format).

Pablo Towers Assisted Living Facility

Bid Date: Tuesday, May 6 - 2:00 PM

Existing 1-story community center building will be demolished to make room for new 3-story, 19,200 SF, building with a community center/dining room on 1st floor and 15 rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Structure will be steel columns and beams with pre-engineered hollow-core slabs. Exterior walls are CMU. Exterior finishes include stucco and modified bituminous roofing.

Bid Packages will be issued by Wednesday 4/23. They are required to be considered for this project.

Public Documents

Private Documents

You can also pick up plans at our office (CD format).